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History abounds in this beautifully restored dwelling; originally built in 1880, it holds a certificate of authenticity and a licence signed in the time of  Franco!  On arrival at this oasis of calm, one is immediately struck by the peace and tranquility which exudes from every part of the building.  There is a small terrace to the front and a large area of terracing, ´chill out´areas with retractable covers, sun deck and a small swimming pool to the side.  To the rear, there is a garden set out in terraces.
Inside, the reception area has a bar with a state-of-the-art coffee machine and, to one side, a bright modern kitchen, with an extensive range of equipment, including electric hob, extractor, fridge freezer and pizza oven.  On the other side is a seating area around a feature wood burning stove. A corridor runs off this main reception area, which houses an office and guest washrooms with a comfortable waiting area.
The large lounge also has a feature Grade A cast iron wood burning stove in one corner and this room could easily become a sizeable dining room, if the new owner wished to make full use of the restaurant licence.  Off the lounge, there is a staircase leading to two open plan bedrooms and a shared ensuite.  The master bedroom is on the ground floor, with a boutique hotel style bathroom and french windows which open on to one of the side decks and overlook the pool and the mountains - idyllic!
Throughout this property, there is air-conditioning (hot & cold), satellite television and a fresh mix of traditional decor, masterfully merging with a modern twist, and the modern Italian furniture complements the overall picture.
From the business end, the current owners hold a 1-fork restaurant licence (for up to 36 covers) and offer everything from a simple coffee, an inviting snack menu or an organised events/private parties with a full buffet and use of the beautiful garden facilities.  They have catered for the thousands of international cyclists that pass by, yoga practitioners - and even the cast and crew of film and television companies.  The business opens from 10.30 am to when the last person leaves, six days a week and almost all year round, only taking a few weeks over the winter months to enjoy some family time.
In addition, the owners have a lucrative working arrangement with several high end hotels, who recommend the business to their guests.  With their warm and welcoming style, they have befriended many of their customers, who come back on a regular basis and, therefore, this is an ideal opportunity for a couple with energy, personality and vision to continue this unique lifestyle business.
If this wasn't enough, also included in the sale is a sign written vehicle, a very effective promotion tool and the website in 5 languages with lots of customer comments and feedback.
COMMENT:  This is a treasure that is extremely rare on this island and can only be appreciated by seeing, touching and feeling, so viewing is strongly recommended.
Other Details:
Work, rest and play - and all in one stunning location!  This is a totally unique lifestyle business, ready made for the right people to turn the key, walk in and start living, earning and enjoying an interesting and varied passing clientele.

Информация Северо-запад

 Побережья Северо-запада с прекрасными видами гор Трамунтана и средиземноморского моря, являются идеальным местом для тех, кто любит природу и ищет спокойной жизни в одном из самых красив мест Европы - остров Майорка. Оживленный городок Sóller - сердце этого региона. Расположенный в долине, в окружении апельсиновых рощ , городок всего в 2 км от моря, где рыбацкая деревня Порт де Сойер расположилась вокруг естественной гавани. На крутых берегах гор есть множество романтических деревень, где многие знаменитости Европы и Америки нашли свой второй дом: Дейя, Вальдемоса, Баньялбуфар, Форналутч и Естеленкс. 

Выбор недвижимости в этой зоне, довольно велик : традиционные дома в горных городах, элегантные дворцы, традиционные загородные дома, современные виллы и поместья с захватывающим видом на море. Этот вид, мало описуем, его надо один раз увидеть чтобы полюбить Майорку навсегда, как это сделали  в свое время Майкл Дуглас, Клаудия Шифер, Льюис Сальвадор и другие знаменитости которые выбрали эту часть Майорки для своего дома.